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UV Sterilizers for Aquaculture & Commercial Aquatic Exhibits

UV Sterilizers have become widely accepted as one of the most effective disinfection treatment components in an aquatic life support system.  Ultraviolet light has a germicidal effect in the 254nm wavelength making it effective at breaking the DNA chain of pathogenic organisms, water borne algae and bacteria without the risk of residual toxicity.  UV sterilizers are most commonly used for supply water disinfection and to prevent the spread of disease in recirculating aquatic systems.   

IAS offers a complete catalog of UV sterilizers manufactured by SITA and exclusively distributed in North America by IAS.   UV units are available in stainless steel vessels for freshwater or high-density polyethylene vessels for corrosive saltwater.  We offer UV Sterilizers with low pressure high output lamps and medium pressure lamps for high flow, high dose applications.  Download our UV catalog today for a complete range of UV options.

Check out our IAS UV STERILIZER SOLUTIONS CATALOG to see our full inventory uv sterilizers, controllers, and options.

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