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In addition to supplying our clients with custom aquatic systems, Integrated Aqua also provides a variety of services to support aquaculture projects through all phases of the design and construction process. Our aquatic systems design specialists are standing by to guide you step-by-step through the design, commissioning, and start-up of your next aquaculture facility.
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Equipment Supply

Integrated Aqua Systems is a full-line dealer of aquatic equipment and can supply just about any equipment to meet the needs of the project, whether big or small. We work with an extensive network of other top suppliers and manufacturers in the industry to provide the right equipment at competitive prices. We handle direct sales to the end user and we also manage a web store with some commonly available equipment at extremely competitive prices.

On-Site Commissioning, Start-Up & Training

For Design – Build projects, our experienced and qualified Project Managers are available for on-site commissioning, start up and training personnel in the operation and maintenance of the system. This service adds tremendous value to the client to insure a smooth start up and operation.

Equipment & Systems Integration

As an OEM we build, assemble and test custom equipment in house to meet the needs of the project. Our capabilities include extensive PVC fabrication, metal welding, custom tank fabrication, electrical wiring, software engineering and integration of automation. Our extensive capabilities allow us to meet the highly customized needs of every project.

Featured Product:
Perma-Beads® Filtration Media

Perma-Beads® are sinking plastic beads that are specifically designed to replace sand in rapid sand filters. Perma-Beads® do not have any flat or porous surfaces that can stick together as in sand or other angular or porous media. The smooth ellipsoid shape and central bulge of each bead prevents adhesion and bridging to other beads. This unique egg shape also creates large interstitial spaces between Perma-Beads® trapping large quantities of debris thereby extending the time between backwashes while minimizing water use. The result is a superior filtration media that can be used in organically loaded systems without the clogging and channeling problems associated with sand media.