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In addition to supplying our clients with custom systems, Integrated Aqua Systems also offers services to support projects through all phases of the construction process.
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Design Development

Integrated Aqua Systems works with clients from the preliminary design and design development phases of projects in collaboration with our team of top professional engineers and biologists to support the needs of our clients. We design systems using the latest AutoCAD software in 2D and 3D as required. Every project is assigned a qualified Project Manager to work directly with the project team to carry to deliver successful results.

On-Site Commissioning, Start-Up & Training

For Design – Build projects, our experienced and qualified Project Managers are available for on-site commissioning, start up and training personnel in the operation and maintenance of the system. This service adds tremendous value to the client to insure a smooth start up and operation.

Project Management

Integrated Aqua Systems is not a general contractor therefore we do not offer construction services to install and build out a project. However, for custom Design-Build projects we will work with the client to help select qualified local contractors to carry out the installation. In this case the assigned Project Manager is available to supervise and manage installations on-site as required.

Equipment Supply

Integrated Aqua Systems is a full-line dealer of aquatic equipment and can supply just about any equipment to meet the needs of the project, whether big or small. We work with an extensive network of other top suppliers and manufacturers in the industry to provide the right equipment at competitive prices. We handle direct sales to the end user and we also manage a web store with some commonly available equipment at extremely competitive prices.

Equipment & Systems Integration

As an OEM we build, assemble and test custom equipment in house to meet the needs of the project. Our capabilities include extensive PVC fabrication, metal welding, custom tank fabrication, electrical wiring, software engineering and integration of automation. Our extensive capabilities allow us to meet the highly customized needs of every project.

Microscreen Drum Filters

HEX™ Drum Filters represent the latest in microscreen drum filtration technology for aquaculture. The patented HEX BeeCell™ Microscreen utilizes nature’s own unique design to provide more efficient filtration than traditional filters. Advanced features included in the HEX™ Drum Filter are a culmination of 30 years of experience and development by aquaculture engineers and biologists. As a result, the HEX™ Drum Filter design has more flexibility and is more efficient with energy, water usage, cost and filtration capacity than traditional filters on the market today.

The new "X" Series drum filter is the latest refinement of HEX drum filter technology. The X series is manufactured with virtually no metal parts for the best corrosion resistance, including the elimination of metal panel straps. The X series drum filters includes reinforced plastic drum construction with longer drum models available in X2 and X3 model series to achieve better economy of scale options.

HEX™ Drum Filters are delivered in a full product range, manufactured as model X1-1 with a single panel up to F5-9 with 45 filter panels. BeeCell™ Microscreens are available from as small as 10 micron up to 1000 micron, with a flow range capacity from 44 – 22,017 gpm (10 to 5000 m3/ h) of water in each unit. There are three basic filter configurations to suit any drum filter application and many custom options are available to suit the needs of any project.

Please consult Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. for assistance in sizing and configurations for your project.