IT Series UV Sterilizers

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UV Sterilizers


IT Series is designed for applications that require third party certification. IT Series UV Sterilizers are biodosimetrically tested according to Austrian norm: O-NORM 5873-1 to fulfill the EPA requirements contained in the Ultra Violet Guidance Manual. Special mixing plates inside the ANSI stainless steel 316L UV reactor to guarantee a correct distribution of the water. Perfect for drinking water or food and beverage applications. 

• Validated ONORM M5873-1 
• “L” Shape configuration for vertical or horizontal mounting 
• Flow Rates and UV Doses validated via Biodosimeter Test (O-NORM 5873-1) and CFD Analysis 
• 316L Stainless Steel Vessel internally/externally polished 
• Automatic Wiping System 
• Pressure rated to 130 PSI 

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