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Biofilter Technology for Aquaculture

Biofilters are living aquatic organisms widely considered to be the heart of a recirculating aquaculture system.  It is critical to select the right biofilter and biofiltration media to meet the specific water quality requirements for the application.  IAS offers BioElement™ biofiltration media sold separately in several packaged quantities from 1 cubic foot to full container load.  BioElement™ media is available in three densities (light/medium/heavy) for customers to construct their own moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) type biofilters.  Additionally, we offer a complete line of preassembled BioElement™ biofilters (BioE) for turnkey installation.  Regardless of which option clients choose, IAS can assist our clients select the right biofilter to meet the water quality objectives, operational demands, and budget for a complete range of aquaculture and aquatic life support applications.

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