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Mechanical Filtration for Aquaculture & Commercial Aquatic Systems

Solids filtration, also called mechanical filtration, is one of the most critical filtration processes in an aquatic life support system design.  Whether you are treating supply water to your aquaculture facility from a natural water source or operating a fully recirculating aquaculture system, solids filtration is a critical consideration to achieve water quality objectives.  Properly designed solids filtration is also critical step in order to maximize the performance of the other treatment devices in the system process.

IAS offers a comprehensive line of mechanical filtration equipment for virtually every type of application in aquatic life support, aquaculture, and commercial exhibits.  Select from passive-type gravity fed filtration equipment such as drum filters, radial flow separators, and protein skimmers or pressurized-vessel type filters such as granular media filters, cartridge, carbon, or bag filters.

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