Biological Filtration Media

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IAS BioElements™ are an efficient biological filtration media specifically suited for use in recirculating aquatic systems. IAS BioElements™ are used internationally in some of the largest and most advanced aquaculture systems in the world. As a leader in the supply of aquaculture filtration technologies, Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. offers IAS BioElements™ as a key component in our BioElements™ Biofilters and also separately in quantities to meet the requirements of small and large scale applications. Special packaging is available for specific market requirements. Contact IAS for BioElements™ biofilter sizing and selection assistance.

Product Details

At 750m2/m3 (228 ft2/ft3) IAS BioElements™ have very high specific surface area per unit volume and also higher usable surface area than other biological medias on the market today. 

BioElements™ are advance engineered, injection molded (NOT extruded) media that will not clog, compress, wedge or bind together. The result is a long lasting media that will maintain its form and not degrade over time. 

BioElements™ are available in 3 densities for 3 types of biological filtration formats. Our slightly buoyant Light media (0.93 g/cm3) is suited for up-flow style filters. Medium density media (1.00 g/cm3) is neutrally buoyant and designed specifically for moving bed biofilters which results in considerable energy savings by requiring less aeration for proper mixing. Heavy media has a density of 1.2 g/cm3 and is used primarily in down-flow fixed bed filters. 

BioElements™ are available with several different packaging formats to suit any scale project. IAS also builds and supplies complete BioElements™ Biofilters for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). 

  • 1 ft³ boxes (0.03 m3) 
  • 1 m3 pallet (35.3 ft3) 
  • 3 m³ Supersack (105.9 ft3) 
  • 60 m3 Full Container Load (2118 ft3) 
  • Complete BioElementTM MBBR Biofilters - Built to Order 

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