Temperature Control

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Aquaculture Heating & Cooling Systems

Temperature control is a critical factor in aquatic life support systems for aquatic animal holding, rearing and breeding. Maintaining the proper temperature directly impacts fish growth rates and overall aquatic animal health.  IAS offers a complete range of equipment and systems to maintain temperature in a wide range of applications for both freshwater and saltwater systems including aquaculture, aquatic research lab systems, and commercial aquatic exhibits.  We assist in the proper sizing and selection of equipment and systems using best practices calculations and our extensive experience to account for many variables that are unique to the aquatic industries that we serve. 

Whether your system requires a stand-alone chiller or a centralized heating or chilling system, IAS has the right solution.  Fill out and submit the form below for free temperature control system design review including sizing and selection assistance.  You can also request a quote for one of our standard products in one of the categories listed.

For assistance in sizing, more information, or to request a quote, please contact us by calling (760) 745-2201 or by emailing sales@integrated-aqua.com.