SMP Series UV Sterilizer

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UV Sterilizers


The SMP Series UV Sterilizers utilize medium pressure lamps which produce extremely high dose UVC output into a small package in order to meet the rigorous demands of commercial aquaculture applications. SMP Series uses a fraction of the number of lamps in a much smaller footprint to meet the duty point compared to low pressure lamps. This cuts down on installation space requirements and overall cost of ownership. SMP Series units include ANSI 316SS vessels standard with either manual or automatic wiper system to operate at peak performance with minimal maintenance labor required. 

• Inline configuration for easy installation 
• High-Quality, Extremely High Ouput Medium-Pressure Lamps 
• Adjustable lamp power regulation (50% to 100%) with use of TC control panel 
• ANSI 316L Stainless Steel Vessel 
• Quartz Sleeve Wiper System (manual or automatic) 
• Pressure rated to 145 PSI 

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