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Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. is one of the premier aquaculture supply companies in the United States.  We are distributors for top aquaculture equipment manufactures and specialize in the design and integration of advanced commercial aquarium filtration systems and recirculating aquaculture tank production systems to meet our clients’ specific needs in aquatic research, aquaculture and commercial aquatic exhibit markets.

If your project requires stand-alone water handling equipment such as a rotary drum filters, UV sterilizers, commercial fish feeders, or biofilters and biomedia, IAS offers the best value equipment and service available to the industry.  If you are interested in a skid-mounted aquaculture filtration system or a professionally designed and built commercial aquarium rack system, our experienced team is well equipped to take your project from concept through successful implementation. We take pride in providing our clients with high quality equipment and creative solutions coupled with exceptional service, value, and follow up support.
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Our Reviews Speak For Themselves

We received and installed the screens. It was my first time doing so, and compared to other drum screens it was a breeze. The engineers obviously had the end user in mind when they designed these drum screens because maintenance was easy. Thank you.

Thomas Taira, Aquarist/LSS Operator, 5/5
Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles, CA

The AquaPLC is a must have for any drum filter operator. By implementing the AquaPLC we were able to reduce our spraydown water consumption by about 90%. Before the AquaPLC we had 200 spraydowns each day for each drum. Now we average 15 each day per drum. For our 8 drum filters we dropped from over 1 million gallons of spraydown water to just over 75,000 gallons. The AquaPLC easily pays for itself in a matter of years. Other benefits include the ability to import drum filter operational statistics and remote controls with ease

Doug Immerman, Life Support & Filter Specialist Copy, 5/5
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Seattle, WA

I have enjoyed working with Integrated Aqua on the Organismal Research Facility Project. Their shop drawings were really detailed renderings that allowed us as a team to understand the complex systems months in advance. The construction drawings package was easy to follow and they tagged the shipments to correlate with the drawings which really helped in receiving and installing the various systems.

Christopher Post, Project Manager, 5/5
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Jon from Integrated Aqua has been great to work with. If anyone is interested in working with drum filters or Prominent Controllers, he is the person to talk to

Mike Bajek, Life Support Manager & Dive Safety Officer, 5/5
Aquarium at the Boardwalk, Branson, MO

“Integrated Aqua is a reliable source of specialized aquaculture equipment components and systems. IAS has a creative approach to solving specific design challenges and is very reliable in following through with delivery and after sales service. I recommend Integrated Aqua for any complex or simple aquaculture project equipment needs.”

Henning Gatz, President & CEO, 5/5
Aquacare Environment, Inc.

“Integrated Aqua undertook a challenging and complicated custom project and pulled it off brilliantly. I highly recommend Integrated Aqua to anyone thinking of building aquatics facilities.

Dr. Jeff Richards, Professor, 5/5
University of British Columbia

“Integrated Aqua Systems did a fantastic job designing a new life support system to meet the needs of our facility. We went from an extremely outdated and piece-meal system, to a brand new one with all the ‘bells & whistles’. Thanks to the IAS team for doing such a wonderful job on this project start to finish! Thousands of visitors will benefit from the hands-on learning involved with the marine life in our touch tanks for many years to come. ”

Robin Madrid, Education Program Coordinator, 5/5
Back Bay Science Center in Newport Beach, CA

Your company has been such a pleasure to work with. You are friendly, timely, and helpful. Our system has been working great so far. I really like the flexibility of the VFD pump drive. Since our season varies in pump demand, being able to adjust pump speed is great. We have completed our first full hatchery growing season with success…”

Leah Paisano, Owner, 5/5
Legoe Bay Shellfish on Lummi Island, WA

“We needed to replace our 260 gallon octopus husbandry system. Integrated Aqua worked with us in a thorough and professional manner to design a system that was equivalent to (but better than) what we needed to replace. Our new aquarium arrived 4 months ago, precisely on schedule, its assembly with Sam’s directions was straight-forward, and the whole system has worked like a charm.”

Cliff Ragsdale, PhD, 5/5
Department of Neurobiology, The University of Chicago

“It was a pleasure to work with Integrated Aqua Systems in the design and build-out of several custom RAS units for our aquaculture research facility located here in San Diego, CA. Installation was straightforward with the IAS’s detailed models and plans; build quality and function of all IAS components is excellent, and the systems have been performing very well. The flexible design of these RAS units works well with our research applications focused in both freshwater and saltwater species. We look forward to working with Integrated Aqua Systems again on future projects.”

Jason Stannard, Vice President – Operations, 5/5
Center for Aquaculture Technologies, San Diego, CA

“Integrated Aqua Systems did a fantastic job with my salmonid research facility. IAS was able to take my abstract ideas for the facility and turn them into a fully functioning, well-laid out system that is easy to use. I was especially grateful for the guidance I got from their aquatic systems designer, who flew up on short notice to provide guidance on installation and train members of my research group. I highly recommend Integrated Aqua Systems for the design and fabrication of aquatic research facilities.”

Amanda I. Banet (Mandy), PhD, 5/5
California State University, Chico
Featured Product:
Perma-Beads® Filtration Media

Perma-Beads® are sinking plastic beads that are specifically designed to replace sand in rapid sand filters. Perma-Beads® do not have any flat or porous surfaces that can stick together as in sand or other angular or porous media. The smooth ellipsoid shape and central bulge of each bead prevents adhesion and bridging to other beads. This unique egg shape also creates large interstitial spaces between Perma-Beads® trapping large quantities of debris thereby extending the time between backwashes while minimizing water use. The result is a superior filtration media that can be used in organically loaded systems without the clogging and channeling problems associated with sand media.