Aeration & Degassing

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Aquaculture Aeration & Degassing Equipment

Gas control including oxygenation, aeration, and degassing is of paramount importance to a properly balanced ecology in any aquatic animal system.  Adequate levels of oxygen must be maintained to keep livestock alive and healthy while at the same time other gases such as CO2 cannot be allowed to elevate above high limits.   

IAS offers a complete range of equipment and systems for proper aeration and oxygenation of aquaculture water to suit the specific project requirements.  For smaller aeration projects including ponds and shallow tank systems we supply linear diaphragm air pumps.  Regenerative blowers are available for larger aeration projects up to 10 hp and are available with a complete range of options and accessories.  Oxygen generators, O2/O3 contact cones, and degassing systems are available in custom configurations to meet engineering specifications.  Whether you are looking for aeration or oxygen generation equipment or peripheral supplies such as diffusers, IAS can supply your needs.

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