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Aquaculture Filtration & Disinfection Systems

IAS is an industry leading supplier of aquatic filtration and disinfection equipment used in aquaculture, commercial aquatic exhibits, aquatic life support systems (LSS), aquaculture education systems, ponds, water features, zoos and aquaponics.  Our product line covers the entire range for mechanical solids filtration, biofiltration, ultraviolet sterilization and ozone disinfection to meet the specific needs of a wide range of projects and applications.   As distributors for many of the top manufacturers in the US and globally, we offer a unique and comprehensive range of equipment options from light commercial scale to large scale industrial suitable for the industries we serve.   We are experienced application specialists and can assist our clients with equipment selection to best suit the requirements and specifications.  Reach out to IAS today to speak with an aquatic equipment application specialist.

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