Cartridge/Carbon Combo Filters

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Mechanical Filtration


The TCF series housing is a versatile and heavy duty unit for residential and commercial applications. Built as a combination mechanical filter and media filter, TCF Series filters include a granular canister filter for use with alternative media such as carbon and zeolite. The TCF-75 model also includes a 25ft2 cartridge filter for prefiltration of solids prior to granular media stage. Base mounted unit with 2″ unions on inlet/outlet ports. Includes pressure gauge.

The filter housing is constructed of a strong thermoplastic material which provides a 50psi rated working pressure for the unit. The TCF series housings are designed for top loading with an easy locking ring system requiring no additional tools for simple cartridge removal and replacement. The TCF series housings are fabricated from high impact polypropylene to be compatible with a wide range of fluids.

Product Details

The granular media cartridges are able to house 3.2 gallons of filter media and are designed to allow water to enter via the top of the cartridge and flow through the full height of the filter bed before exiting at the bottom of the cartridge.

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