400 Series UV Sterilizers

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UV Sterilizers


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The 400 Series UV Sterilizer is one of the most powerful low pressure UV Sterilizer on the market. With its high power 400W amalgam lamps, this UV can handle large flow rates with fewer lamps than others on the market. With a standard range from 1 to 15 lamp models, flows can range from 200GPM all the way up to 4,000GPM. Standard vessel in 316L Stainless Steel in “U” shaped configuration with built in support legs for ease of installation and plumbing. 

• “U” Shaped vessel with support legs for horizontal mounting 
• High-Quality Low-Pressure Amalgam Lamps, rated for 16,000 hours 
• Adjustable lamp power regulation (50% to 100%) 
• ANSI 316L Stainless Steel is Standard 
• Pressure rated to 145 PSI 

Options & Benefits

• L-Type Vessel Configuration 
• Different sized ANSI flange connections 
• Onboard UVT sensor 
• Quartz Sleeve Wiping Systems - Manual or Automatic 
• Lamp dimming (Flow or Dose Pacing – with Flowmeter) 
• Larger custom units available with up to 50 lamps 

The SITA 400 Series is a heavy duty UV water treatment system with broad capabilities ideal for mid to high flow commercial applications.

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