Vertical Turbine Pumps

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Vertical line-shaft turbine pumps are based on state-of-art hydraulic design. Turbine pumps deliver more performance and more coverage, with less effort. Featuring heavy-duty, cast iron bowls, and investment-cast, 316 stainless steel impellers, they provide an outstanding solution for high head, low flow, irrigation applications. These turbines are specifically designed for high to mid pressure and be able to transport liquids according to what is required with high efficiency.


  • More Performance
  • More Coverage
  • Less Effort
  • Minimum Floor Space
  • Minimum NPSH requirements since the bowls are submerged
  • It does NOT require prime to work
Heavy-duty, cast iron Vertical Turbine Pumps with 316 stainless steel impellers. Outstanding solution for high head, low flow, irrigation applications.

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