Fluidtrol Basket Strainers

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Fluidtrol non-metallic basket strainers for aquatics, general water, and industrial applications. These ISO 9000-certified strainers feature a unique seamless casted design that can be further customized with advanced options such as integral access ports and FTP stands. Strainers are available in corrosion-resistant plastics such as PVC, CPC, PP, and PVDF, as well as fiberglass, and offer greater temperature resistance and chemical compatibility than traditional iron, steel, and bronze strainers.

Product Details

  • Composite construction offers corrosion resistance of PVC and the mechanical strength of fiberglass.
  • Molded FRP Body contoured for minimal form drag.
  • Engineered for very low-pressure drops making it an excellent choice for pump suction applications.
  • Best in class hardware and accessories.
  • Customizable dimensions and features.

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