SITA SMP Series UV Sterilizer

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Thanks to the higher power emitted by the medium pressure lamps, SITA MEDIUM PRESSURE systems can treat large quantities of water with a modest number of lamps. Medium pressure UV lamps have a multi-spectrum wavelength, for this reason SITA SMP unit has the ability to break chemical bonds, and have a good reduction of unwanted chemicals in water.

This Photolysis process has a lot of application in pools (reduction of combined chlorine) and process water (de-chlorination, de-ozonation, TOC reduction) These UV system may find useful application also as a post-treatment of waste water.

Compact design and few lamps make the UV unit ideal for installation and maintenance.


• FLOW-RATE: From 25 to 2.000 m3/h

• LAMPS: Medium pressure UV lamps. Life span: 6000 -10000 hrs

• UV REACTOR MATERIAL: Int/ext. polished stainless steel AISI 316L

• UV DOSE: > 600 - 800 J/m²


• WATER QUALITY: UV Transmittance Range 60 - 99% (1cm)

A robust, highly versatile UV water treatment system designed to treat large quantities of water with a modest number of lamps.

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