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Commercial Aquaculture Filtration Systems

INTEGRATED™ Filter Modules (IFM) are gravity-fed filtration systems with multiple filtration stages in a single unit process. The result is a turnkey system which is extremely efficient, compact, scalable and fully customizable. IFM Systems are integrated into a single sump tank unit designed for fish particle removal, biofilltration, aeration, water temperature control, pumping, ultraviolet disinfection and automation. Available with a complete list of options to suit any project requirement from 10 gpm up to 7,000 gpm. 

We work with clients during the design stage to provide a heavy duty turnkey filtration system that is designed to meet your specific water quality objectives, budget demands and operational requirements. A complete range of aquatic life support (LSS) water handling equipment and accessories is available to meet the requirements for any scale project. Systems are water tested, pre-programmed and electrically tested prior to shipping. 

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