INTEGRATED Filter Modules

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Integrated Systems


INTEGRATED™ Filter Modules (IFM) are gravity-fed filtration systems with multiple filtration stages in a single unit process. The result is a turnkey system which is extremely efficient, compact, scalable and fully customizable. IFM Systems are integrated into a single sump tank unit designed for particle removal, biofilltration, aeration, temperature control,  pumping, disinfection and automation. Available with a complete list of options to suit any project requirement from 10 gpm up to 7,000 gpm.

We work with clients during the design stage to provide a heavy duty turnkey filtration system that is designed to meet your specific water quality objectives, budget demands and operational requirements. A complete range of water handling equipment and accessories is available to meet the requirements for any scale project. Systems are water tested, pre-programmed and electrically tested prior to shipping. Please Contact Us to discuss your project and request a quote.

Product Details

  • Extremely Efficient Design - Gravity fed filtration minimizes pump energy and space requirements.
  • Plug & Play Design – Systems are modular, skid-mounted and pre-tested systems that are easily installed with only minor plumbing and electrical connections.
  • 3D CAD Design Included – Systems are designed and built to order, including a 3D CAD drawing to insure compatibility with existing site plans.
  • Tested & Documented Prior to Shipment – Strict testing guidelines that include water testing, electrical testing and documentation prior to shipment insure that every system operates to its design specification. System specific User’s Manual included. 3rd Party certification by CSA, MET, UL available.
  • Welded HDPE BioSumps – Customizable non-corrosive and heavy duty tanks are built to contain multiple filtration components in a single unit process. Welded aluminum and stainless steel tanks available for larger commercial/industrial applications.
  • Wide Ranging Options – Systems are available with a wide range of equipment, control and monitoring options.

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