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Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems

IAS offers a complete selection of equipment for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) from aquaculture filtration systems ideal for fish production, fish broodstock, aquatic animal quarantine, aquatic lab research and aquaculture education.  RAS Systems are well suited for professional installations at top universities, research institutions, private aquaculture, aquaponics companies, state and federal agencies.  

Our highly experienced team of aquaculture specialists provide technical sizing and support for RAS systems from the design stage through all phases of production, field startup, commissioning and user group training. RAS systems include all tanks, pumps, filtration & disinfection components, temperature control equipment, water quality monitoring and control systems required to meet the specific needs of each project application. In addition to supplying the equipment, systems are supported with detailed design & engineering documentation to facilitate professional installation by licensed contractors.

For assistance in sizing, more information, or to request a quote, please contact us by calling (760) 745-2201 or by emailing