Integrated Aqua Systems Delivers!

May 3, 2023
 Integrated Aqua Systems Delivers!

Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the successful completion, design, fabrication, and delivery of multiple Integrated Culture Module (ICM) systems to the University of Waterloo's Aquatic Threats Environmental Research Facility. These systems will be utilized in the pathogen challenge research program, which focuses on understanding and mitigating the impact of aquatic pathogens on the environment.

These rack-mounted aquaria systems are equipped with our advanced Environmental Controls System (ECS), which precisely manages pH and temperature through the use of our PLC controller in cyclical, dynamic, or static modes of operation. Furthermore, the water quality is maintained by our Integrated Filtration Modules (IFM), which are controlled by Prominent Aegis II water quality monitoring and control systems. These systems include advanced sump treatment systems that employ mechanical and biological filtration to ensure superior water quality.

Our Integrated Culture Modules (ICM) Systems are specially designed to ship in halves, allowing for easy loading onto standard trucks and fitting through tight lab spaces. They offer a flexible and modular approach to aquatic research, providing a controlled environment for studying fish health and behavior.

We are honored to see our technology being utilized in such an important and impactful research program, and we are committed to continuing our support of the University of Waterloo and other research institutions in their efforts to better understand and protect our environment.

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