INTEGRATED Culture Modules

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Integrated Systems


INTEGRATED Culture Module (ICM) systems are a complete line of fully customizable rack-mounted aquaria systems ideal for aquatic research and teaching laboratories where space is at a premium. ICM Systems are available with a wide range of tank options, filtration, rack configurations and accessories to meet the specific needs of the project.

Product Details

Fully customizable tank and rack configurations to suit any project

Heavy Duty non-corrosive welded 316Lstainless steel racks with leveling feet

Wide range of tank options available including clear polycarbonate, glass and acrylic aquaria ranging from 2 gallons to 22 gallons.Custom sizes & types available.

Compact multi-stage biosump filtration system built from heavy duty, non-corrosive welded HDPE

Reliable moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) biofilter technology

Stand Alone Rack Filtration or Centralized filtration systems available for multiple rack systems.

Open channel drain system for maximum hydraulic efficiency

State-of-the Art water quality monitoring,control & alarm system with modern communications, data-logging, alarm notifications,water quality control and more!

Full range of temperature control options available

Complete range of accessories available including:

o  Automatic makeup water systems

o  LED Lighting Systems

o  pH Control Systems

o  Effluent Treatment

o  Split level rack for easy shipping, installation

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