Prominent AEGIS II Controller

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The ProMinent® AEGIS II Controller is one of the most innovative controllers available. It provides reliable control while offering the most flexible communication options and customizable sensor options to maximize efficiency for a wide range of applications in aquaculture systems, aquatic research, and LSS for commercial aquatic displays. Featuring a built-in wireless access point as well as Bluetooth and Ethernet connections, this controller will provide enhanced responsive browser views for smart phones and tablets. The AEGIS II is an exciting addition to our line of high quality control products. Contact us for more information and pricing.


  • Powerful monitoring, control and alarm unit with flexible configuration options to suit many aquatic applications
  • Utilizes smart phone HMI for easy setup, access and communications
  • Configurable with water quality sensors for aquatic research, aquarium and aquaculture
The AEGIS II Controller provides reliable control over a wide range of sensors with applications in aquaculture, aquatic research, and LSS displays.

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