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ORP Sensors Platinum Tip, Industrial Grade (blue)

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ProMinent® has been manufacturing instrumentation equipment and sensors, specifically for the water treatment market for over 30 years. The ORP sensors offer optimum life and precise control for most aquatics applications. ProMinent® offers a two year warranty and all SN6 connections are sealed to prevent exposure to the elements. Optimum performance is achieved when sensors are mounted in a modular proprietary clear PVC housing that can be retrofitted in the field. All components, including a controller, can be assembled on a back panel that can easily be mounted to any wall.

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Key Features & Benefits
  • Range: -1000-1000mV
  • Temperature: 32-176 F (0-80 C)
  • Max Pressure: 87 psi (6 bar)
  • Minimum Conductivity: >150mS/cm
  • Diaphragm: Large surface, large pore PTFE for robust fouling resistance
  • Installation length: 1.24" (31.5mm) 1/2" MPT thread
  • Mounting: 0.5" NPT or 25mm DGMA sensor housing
  • Electrolyte: 38.8 ml inorganic gel for long life
  • Redox Element: Large surface area with platinum for robust fouling resistance
  • Sealed SN6 connection vs. exposed BNC connection
  • 2 year warranty

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