CTFS Probe (Freshwater Cond/Temp/Flow), pn#420-0010

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ProMinent® has been manufacturing instrumentation equipment and sensors, specifically for the water treatment market for over 30 years. The unique Conductivity Temperature Flow Sensor (CTFS) from ProMinent® is a multi-parameter sensor specifically suited to work with the Aegis II Monitoring & Control Unit and ideal for monitoring and controlling conductivity in freshwater aquatic systems. Optimum performance is achieved when sensors are mounted in a modular proprietary clear PVC housing that can be retrofitted in the field. All components, including a controller, can be assembled on a back panel that can easily be mounted to any wall.


  • Body Style: 3/4" NPT ABT Body
  • Cable Length / Connector: 10ft/3ft Meter, Carol C4066A, AWG22, 3 Conductor Cable, No Connector
  • Maximum Distance: 150 ft, Use AWG22 to Lengthen
  • Type: Conductance, Temperature - 11mVK and Thermal sensor (proprietary)
  • Range: Conductivity: 100 to 10,000 mS/cm, Temperature 32-100 degF, 0 to 38 deg C, Flow 1 gpm minimum upto 100 degF
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 38 degC (32 to 100 deg F)
  • Pressure: Maximum 100 psi / 7 bar
  • Requires Insertion Part #7760445 (SM2T-SE)
  • Controller Compatibility: Aegis II Controllers Only
  • Communication: Serial communication
  • Note: Never include low voltage sensors in conduit that contains AC voltages
Multi-Parameter Sensor designed to work with the Aegis II Monitoring & Control Unit and ideal for monitoring conductivity in freshwater aquatic systems.

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