AquaPLC™ Intelligent Drum Filter Controller

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Intelligent Controls technology maximizes drum filter performance to ensure the most efficient and economical operation of your drum filter. With IAS’ new AquaPLC™ with Intelligent Controls (IC), drum filters can be set-up and programmed for economical use by responding dynamically to changes in TSS loading. Intelligent Drum Filter Controls allow the buildup of filter cake on microscreen drum screens, which will allow finer solids capture and also prolong intervals between backwash events. Intelligent mode has proven to reduce backwash water usage up to 50%, operate with maximum electrical efficiency and provide overall better water quality to aquatic systems.

AquaPLC™ robust software not only maximizes operational efficiency but also offers critical aquatic life support functionality to protect equipment, issue alarms and allow users superior control and programmability than any other drum filter controller on the market.

Product Details

  • Rich Display 4.3” Color touch-screen PLC, built in compact, (NEMA4X, IP65), UL Listed, corrosion/weather-resistant fiberglass enclosure 12” x 10” x 6” (LxWxH)
  • Qty (2) 4-20mA Analog inputs for precision water level sensing
  • Qty (8) Relay outputs
  • Built-in optional PT-100 temperature sensor input
  • Support for Modbus UDP
  • 115V-60Hz power supply cord with external On/Off switch


  • User-selectable filter mode of operation (Basic, Continuous, Intelligent™ Controls) compatible with all HEX drum filters.
  • Precise digital timer for drum filter activation setpoint
  • Fully configurable, easy-to-navigate digital menus for multi-level setpoints, drum speed, backwash level setpoint
  • Built-in Event and Alarm Datalogger
  • Device Feedback Confirmation with alarm
  • Interlocking capability with external alarms (i.e. audible/visual alarm)

Display Analytics include:
o Drum filter level status monitoring and backwash
cycle status in real time
o Interval timer since last backwash cycle
o Water level indication (inches/mm)
o Drum rotational speed in real-time 0-100%
o Visual Alarm notification
o Input/Output Status Menu

OPTIONAL Ethernet Communication Includes:  Quick-Connect ethernet communications port for remote access to operator screens, remote update access capability and alarm communications setup.  

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