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Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

$ 664.99 USD

$ 712.35 USD

Our DO6400 galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors deliver accurate measurements with very fast response time. Calibration is simple and only requires a single-point air calibration. Sensor shown directly outputs 4-20mA analog scaled to the sensor range for easy PLC integration. Scale is 0-100% Saturation. Tefloon (PTFE) process fitting with 10 ft cable and tinned lead connector.

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Ships Direct from Supplier. Typical 5-7 day Delivery
Key Features & Benefits
  • Fast response time for accurate dissolved oxygen monitoring
  • Direct MilliVolt, 4-20mA analog or MODBUS/RS485 digital output signal to integrate with a PLC or other control system
  • Input voltage standard 24VDC 4-20mA
  • Ready for long-term deployment with large electrolyte reservoir
  • One year limited warranty

Included with purchase:

        • DO6400 Series Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
        • (2) Replacement Membranes and O-rings
        • (1) Membrane Removal Tool
        • (1) 250mL bottle of electrolyte (about 6 refills)


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