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Integrated Aqua Systems presents the Arvo-Tec Micro Diet Feeder, a compact yet powerful solution for efficient feeding. With the capacity to handle up to 48kg/hour of feeding continuously and accurately, this dosing unit offers simplicity without sacrificing precision. Featuring stainless steel springs for complete dosing cup emptying and offering a range of dosing drums from 0.1g to 13mm pellets, the feeder ensures exceptional accuracy exceeding 99%. Customizable with various add-ons, hopper sizes ranging from 1 to 150 liters, and options for spreading feed over tank surfaces including spinning electric and pneumatically operated spreaders, this feeder streamlines the entire feeding process from hatchery to on-growing, making it versatile and suitable for a wide array of species and applications.

Product Details

The Arvo-Tec Micro Diet Feeder boasts a robust, water-resistant motor housed within a durable stainless steel frame, ensuring longevity even in harsh environments. With easy maintenance and tool-free cleaning, as well as seamless dosing drum changes, daily operation is simplified. Plus, with spare parts readily available worldwide, upkeep is hassle-free. When paired with the Arvo-Tec control system, the feeder maximizes efficiency and growth optimization. Controlled by the Arvo-Tec controller, each feeder operates at its peak performance, with up to 32 individual feeders managed by a single controller. Multiple controllers can be linked for a comprehensive feeding network spanning across entire farms, ensuring complete coverage and streamlined monitoring through the user-friendly interface, which offers extensive data collection, alarms, reports, and more.

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