Skid Mounted Filtration Systems

May 17, 2011
Skid Mounted Filtration Systems

Introducing NEW AquaPLC™ Backwash Controller!

Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. is a leader in water filtration and disinfection systems, and has made significant advancements in packaged filtration products. IAS manufactures Integrated™ Filtration Systems which are skid mounted filtration packages.Integrated™ Filtration Systems are heavy-duty turnkey filtration system packages used for removal of particulate solids and disinfection of water. We work with clients during the design stage to provide a filtration system that is designed to meet your specific water quality objectives, budget demands and operational requirements.All systems are water tested, pre-programmed and electrically tested prior to shipping. Please call for a free estimate.


  • Display Ponds & Water Features: Koi ponds, water gardens and landscape water features for residential, commercial-scale projects.
  • Public Aquariums & Zoos: Fish displays, exhibits, quarantine systems, holding tanks, outdoor ponds and exhibit water features.
  • Aquaculture: Commercial and research applications including incoming water filtration, recirculating systems, fish holding and breeding systems.
  • Commercial: Water recycling, process treatment, government and private.


  • Superior Water Quality: Efficient solids filtration coupled with powerful UV disinfection provides clean and clear water for the most demanding applications.
  • Biosecurity: Prevent the introduction and spread of disease in your system with powerful UV disinfection
  • Ease of Installation: Eliminate costly installation labor expenses with our “Plug & Play” system pre-engineered to your specifications
  • Affordable Customization: Build your own Integrated-Aqua™ Life Support Filtration System without spending valuable time and money on design details and fabrication.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Save on maintenance costs and optimize your water quality with Auto-Backwash control options.


  • Perma-Beads® Media Filter: Removes particulate solids for clean and clear water. Perma-Beads® media is a superior granular plastic media alternative to sand designed to prevent channeling, clogging and improve backwash performance.
  • High Output UV Sterilizers: Disinfect water without the use of chemicals. Bypass plumbing allows continuous operation during lamp replacement or UV maintenance.
  • Automatic Backwash Valve & Controls: Pressure & Time Activated Automatic Backwash Control option is available with 24″ to 48″ diameter commercial media filter vessels.
  • Optional Variable Frequency Drives: VFD controllers allow operators to dial-in the desired flow rate with a push of a button. Maximizes electrical efficiency and prolongs useful pump life.
  • Safety Features: Built-In Safety Features prevent overheating of UV chambers during routine shutdown, pump failure, or power outage. All pumps include Quick-Disconnect wiring and mounting for quick and simple replacement in case of motor failure.
  • Heavy Duty FRP or HDPE Skid Base: Allows systems to be easily moved with a forklift or pallet jack simplifying shipping, installation and relocation.
  • Customization: Systems are designed to customers’ specifications and built to order. LS Filtration packages can be combined with additional water treatment equipment including chillers, heaters, biofilters, degassing systems, ozone generators, water quality monitoring & controls.
  • Compact Modular Footprint: Systems maximize equipment space with a small footprint. Modular design simplifies system expansion & changes and is easily moved with forklift or pallet jack simplifying shipping, installation and relocation.
  • Accessories:  Flow meters, chemical injection systems, water quality monitoring, motor controls, automation.

Custom Systems: Custom systems may be designed and built to order. Larger filtration systems are available to handle flow capacities of 250 – 1200 gpm. Tandem piping kits and series automatic backwash systems available for multiple filters. Please call for sizing and design assistance.