Pumps & Accessories

June 6, 2011
Pumps & Accessories

Integrated Aqua handles a complete line of pumps for a wide range of water handling applications. We supply stand-alone equipment, however as a systems integrator, we also assemble and mount complete pump systems with a variety of options and accessories available to meet project needs. Please call for a quote.

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Thermoplastic Pumps

Available from 1/2 hp to 7 hp, these pumps are economical and efficient for most applications. Most pumps include basket strainers standard. Options include saltwater seasl, pump cords, and 3-phase motors. Manufactured by Waterco, Pentair, and Sequence.

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Semi-Commercial & Commercial Pumps

Available from 3 hp to 20 hp, our commercial centrifugal pumps off more industrial options to choose from including premium electrical efficiency, corrosion resistance, flanged connections, TEFC motor enclosures, 3-phase VFD rated motors, any electrical configuration, and custom impeller sizing options/ Basket strainers are optional. Manufactured by Waterco, Pentair, Goulds, RK2 Pumps, Advance and Genesys.

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Low Head & Specialty Pumps

We offer low head, energy efficient pumps as well as specialty pumps for corrosion resistance and demand pumping applications. Low head pumps available from Sequence and Carry. Mag-drive pumps and demand pumps available from March Pumps, Little Giants, Flojet, Iwaki, and more. Call for application assistance.

Pump Options

  • Heavy Duty FRP Skid Bases are 100% non-corrosive and built to last in harsh environments.
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) available to allow operators complete control of flow with the touch of a button. VFDs allow pumps to operate most efficiently and prolong motor life with ramp-up and ramp-down features.
  • Quick-Disconnect Commercial Valves True-union ball valves or butterfly valves with flanges are stand on all pumps for ease of maintenance.
  • NEMA Rated Electrical Enclosures designed for water resistance and heat dissipation. Built to order with optional ventilation fans, and mounted panel accessories and support stands.
  • NEMA 4X plugs and connectors for single pump replacement in case of failure.
  • Custom Configurations Available including multiple pumps in parallel, additional controls and sensors.

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