Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. Announces Acquisition of PERMA-BEADS®

November 1, 2022
Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. Announces Acquisition of PERMA-BEADS®

Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. (IAS), a leading aquaculture equipment supplier and systems integrator announced its acquisition of Perma-Beads® a sinking, non-clogging, non-channeling, and permanent replacement media for sand filters in organically loaded systems.   Perma-Beads® have been successfully used for the last 30 years for application in aquaculture, aquatic research, public aquariums, zoos, koi ponds, botanical gardens, and commercial water displays.

Perma-Beads® offer clients an economical and unique solids filter solution to convert sand filters, which are prone to clogging and channeling in organically loaded systems, to bead filters which offer effective, long-term mechanical filtration in organically loaded systems. “I am very excited about the acquisition of Perma-Beads® and look forward to expanding the market for this product which has a proven track record for over 30 years in the industry. It is simply the best product on the market to effectively convert sand filters to bead filters without any modifications required” - Sam Courtland, Founder and CEO of Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc.

Perma-Beads® are available from Integrated Aqua Systems’ Vista, CA warehouse for shipping across North America. More information about Perma-Beads®can be found at or

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