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A permanent, non-channeling, non-clogging replacement for sand in any existing rapid sand filter. Our Perma-Beads™ media provides large interstitial spaces for trapping debris thereby extending backwash intervals and minimizing water loss. The unique surface properties and high density combine to create a self-cleaning media bed that refluidizes completely upon backwash. Complete, state-of-the-art, low-maintenance bead filters provide superior suspended particulate removal without the channeling and clogging found in all common sand, DE and cartridge filters.

Product Details

  • PermaBeads are a PERMANENT filter media that never needs to be replaced. We have customers using the same PermaBeads for more than 20 years!
  • No more clogging or channeling of sand media. PermaBeads get the solids out.
  • No plumbing changes needed to convert your sand filter to a PermaBead media filter.
  • Save Water - PermaBeads reduce the frequency and duration of backwashes saving significant water over time.
  • Save Time - PermaBeads reduce personnel costs needed for frequent monitoring filter pressures and backwashing.
  • Save Money - Pumps operating on PermaBead systems run cooler saving money and extending equipment life.

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