Tube Diffusers

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Oxygenation & Aeration


Tube diffusers are designed to offer high oxygen transfer efficiency, low pressure loss, and a simple installation. Our new ECD70 diffusers are available with a variety of membrane materials including our patented PTFE membranes, designed to use less energy and require minimal maintenance. Strong Polypropylene body makes handling during installation easy, provides temperature resistance up to 1900 F (900 C), and is environmentally friendly. ECT diffusers feature a channel style support body which extends membrane life in on/off applications.

Product Details

  • Industry standard size and shape, interchangeable with other systems
  • Connector options: standard nipple pipe connection
  • Variety of lengths, diameters, and membranes
  • Excellent fouling resistance and longevity thanks to high quality EPDM, PTFE-coated surface layers, silicone and polyurethane options.
  • Multiple integral check valves to keep your aeration piping system clean
  • Molded membranes with individual thermocouples in each cavity provide 100% quality control
  • Low membrane plasticizer content to reduce shrinkage and hardening, but enough to avoid creep
  • 212F (100C) temperature resistance and environmentally friendly high-temperature ABS body
  • Fittings are available for mounting to metric or US pipe, and for tight spaces or for ease of installation
  • Affordably priced for first use or retrofit

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