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Light Aquaculture Series Boiler Heating Systems utilize a 95% efficient Condensing Boiler, Insulated & Jacketed Buffer Tank, and Titanium/ Stainless Steel Immersion Grid Coil Heat Exchangers to maintain each location at its desired temperature setpoint. Every point will have its own dedicated circulation pump and Electronic Temperature Controller, which would activate the pump to circulate heated water through the Heat Exchanger when the aquatic water temperature dropped below a desired setpoint. Pumps can be preplumbed and mounted as shown, or installed in the field.

High Efficiency Aquarium Boiler Heating Systems are compact, energy efficient, and cost effective way to provide temperature control to a single point application in zoos, aquariums, pools, etc. The package utilizes a 95% efficient Condensing Boiler, Insulated & Jacketed Buffer Tank, and Compact Plate Heat Exchanger (Titanium or Stainless Steel) in a closed loop hydronic system to effectively bring your application to a desired temperature setpoint. All equipment comes pre-plumbed, mounted on FRP grating secured with 316 SS hardware.

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