UltraDynamics General Industrial UV Sterilizers

May 11, 2011
UltraDynamics General Industrial UV Sterilizers

Series 8102-GIE General Industrial

The UltraDynamics© Series 8102-GIE and 8102-LIE UV Disinfection units are very high performance units ideal for demanding industrial applications with flow rate requirements from 25 – 100 gpm.

The Series 8102 provides in excess of 30,000 micro-watt seconds per square centimeter of 254 nm ultraviolet energy across a fluid medium for positive kill of pathogenic microorganisms. Complete dose vs. flow calculations are available upon request.

The Series GIE exceeds U.S. Department of Health requirements of potable water. The germicidal ultraviolet lamps are rated for over 9,000 hours of continuous use.

Operation of the Series GIE can be enhanced by adding one or more of several available options. Addition of the optional manual cleaning system for quartz sleeves helps assure peak operating efficiency. Optional narrowband germicidal UV monitor senses over 90% nm germicidal wave length. Additional special options available depending on applications. Contact us for more product information and pricing.


  • 304 or 316 stainless steel (electropolished and passivated) vessel construction
  • Power enclosure can be mounted remotely
  • Lamp out indicators included
  • Running time meter included
  • Pure fused quartz sleeves
  • Horizontal or Vertical mounting options
  • Fan cooled on 4-lamp models
  • UV sensor port
  • Removable flanged head
  • UV resistant o-rings and head gasket
  • Optional manual wiper system available
  • Optional UV monitor available


  • Effective disinfection without any toxic byproducts
  • 316 Stainless steel models designed for saltwater use
  • Pressure drop at rated flow less than 1 psi
  • Low power consumption
  • Maximum operating pressure 150 psig

Ultraviolet Intensity Monitor
Series 8102-DM

The UltraDynamics UV Monitor is a digital indicator/alarm instrument for use in monitoring ultraviolet energy emitted by germicidal UV lamps in a disinfection reaction chamber. One fully adjustable alarm set point is provided with an audible alarm.

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sensor reads within narrowband germicidal range
  • Solar blind sensor
  • Unpowered Form “C” dry contacts
  • 4-20 mA output signal

UltraDynamics UV Disinfection products are warranted for eighteen months from the date of invoice, or twelve months from the date of installation, whichever is earlier.