Part 2: The Value of Integrated Filtration Systems (IFS)

January 21, 2014
Part 2: The Value of Integrated Filtration Systems (IFS)

Drew Tubb, Sr. Aquatic Systems Engineer

When undertaking a filtration system construction project, have you considered the amount of time you spend selecting equipment, designing the system, chasing quotations and waiting for that last component to arrive on your loading dock? How many labor hours do you devote to unpacking individual components, pouring pads and setting equipment, building bypasses and manifolds, running wire and conduit to power each component? When the project was completed did the system look professional and perform to its design specification? This month, I’d like to focus on how value can be added to your project by stripping away steps in the field and realizing the benefits of our Integrated Filtration Systems.

Simply put, “integration” means to combine things together such that they create a whole. Integrated Aqua Systems (IAS) incorporates various pumping and filtration components to create our complete Integrated-Aqua™ filtration systems. When you engage IAS, we will interpret the design criteria laid out for a project, identify and size the proper components, hydraulically engineer the system, design the system in CAD and fabricate it to provide a custom solution. The end result will be a system that performs per design, looks professional, fits in a compact footprint and saves significant time and expense through both the design and construction phases.

In an effort to save expense, system operators often self-perform the design and engineering phase of life support system projects, which can ultimately be an inefficient use of time. Many hours can be devoted to flow rate calculations, equipment sizing, pricing exercises and quote procurement. Meanwhile the day to day operations of the facility are put on the back burner. When all is said and done, the decision to involve IAS in the design phase can eliminate much of the time investment and associated labor cost, allowing operations staff to continue focus on the critical tasks at hand. Once we are provided with design criteria and an idea of funding available, we can identify components that fit the application and work within the budget. Be prepared to answer questions and be willing to provide feedback through the design phase. Do you have specific equipment manufacturers or filtration technologies that you prefer? Would you prefer automation or basic electrical controls? Working closely with IAS through the design phase will ensure that the completed system will meet or exceed the performance criteria set forth for the project.
The savings realized from our integration services will be tangible and significant through the construction and installation phase. Integrated-Aqua™ filtration systems are pre-assembled, plumbed, wired and mounted in our production facility. Pre-assembled systems eliminate the need to pour housekeeping pads for each component, set and install individual components with separate attachment fittings, install filter bypass assemblies or add isolation valves. Further, we provide CAD drawings to make installation easy. Before each system is crated it is put through a strict quality assurance regimen that includes water testing under pressure, electrical testing and certificate of conformity of all systems and sub systems. The end result is a modular, independent filtration system that will only require in/out process piping connections and a single point electrical connection brought to the electrical control panel.

The incorporation of Integrated-Aqua™ filtration systems should be considered when developing any new aquatic project. While up-front costs may be higher than purchasing and assembling individual components yourself, attention should be given to the overall cost of labor and the impact of redirected labor on facility operations while developing and implementing LSS projects. By reducing development and construction costs and providing back-side support, Integrated-Aqua™ filtration systems will add tremendous overall value to your project.

When you consider an integrator for your LSS project you should also consider the following:

Design Specialization – LSS design and integration is our business and we’re good at it! We know the design details and manufacturing processes that make each system perform to its design specification.

Experience & Expertise – Our staff has extensive experience in the design, fabrication and integration of mechanical, electrical, filtration and plumbing systems. We offer good/better/best equipment options and can recommend solutions that work for your budget without sacrificing quality.

Electrical Integration – Our in-house electrical panel design and fabrication with PLC automation controls and electrical integration capabilities are second to none in the aquatics industry. Pre-wired and tested systems eliminate the need to devote time to programming and debugging.

Performance Testing & Documentation – All of our systems are extensively tested and documented prior to delivery, providing peace of mind that the system will perform properly out of the crate.

Warranty & Support – Finally, a critically important advantage of our integration service is single point of contact for warranty, system troubleshooting and spare parts supply. By purchasing a complete system from a single source, you eliminate the need to chase multiple vendors to support your project after the sale.