Oxygenation & Aeration Systems

May 3, 2011
Oxygenation & Aeration Systems
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Bacterial and viral diseases can become serious threats to the health of aquatic animals in both commercial production and display systems. For aquatic display systems crystal clear water is highly desirable to promote a healthy and clean appearance as well as to maintain healthy stocks of fish. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that can be used to maintain a clean and stable environment in both marine and freshwater systems.Ozone both disinfects and oxidizes pollutants resulting in exceptional water quality for a wide range of market applications including:

  • Aquatic Animal Life Support
  • Water Features & Display Aquariums
  • Aquaculture
  • Bottled water
  • Pools (commercial & residential)

We offer a complete line of Clearwater Tech ozone generators, oxygen preparation systems and ozone accessories to fit any application. The Apex Builder™ product line includes ozone components designed to meet customer specifications that can easily be installed on-site. For customers looking for integrated ozone packages, our Self-Contained Ozone Systems and Skid-Mounted Ozone Systems offer a turnkey solution to any size project.


Air Preparation Systems:

Our ozone generators require either dry air or oxygen feed gas for full performance and reliable operation. We recommend oxygen concentrators for Skid-Mounted and Cabinet Ozone systems, which provide up to 93% pure oxygen to the ozone generator. Pure oxygen can triple the effective performance of your ozone system by raising the ozone concentration by weight (in gas) from 1% to 6%.

Apex Series Builder Systems:

Easy to install and maintain, these commercial-grade yet affordable systems are designed to our customers’ specifications. They are wall mounted and ready to tie into existing pump lines, require minimal maintenance and will only operate when pump is running. Ozone generator sizes range from 800 mg/hr to 8.0 grams/hr. Can be used with air dryer or oxygen concentrator for enhanced performance.

Apex IV shown at right with wall-mounted 8.0 gram/hr corona discharge ozone generator, oxygen concentrator, interface box, injector manifold, check valve assembly, and vacuum break. Call for sizing and pricing assistance.

Self Contained Ozone Systems:

This is a heavy-duty, turnkey ozone system that includes everything you need integrated into one compact wall-mount system. Just make the electrical and plumbing connections and you will have a 27 gram/hr ozone output @ 6% concentration. That output is equal to or greater than 54 grams/hr @ 3% concentration or 162 grams/hr @ 1%! Ideal for commercial aquaculture and aquatic display disinfection, large swimming pools, potable water and other commercial uses. Call today for a quote.

Ozone System Accessories & Equipment: