Maximizing Efficiency and Performance: The Advantages of Advanced Drum Filter Controls in Aquaculture

October 18, 2023
Maximizing Efficiency and Performance: The Advantages of Advanced Drum Filter Controls in Aquaculture

In the aquaculture industry, maintaining optimal water quality is crucial for the health and growth of aquatic organisms. As filtration systems play a vital role in achieving this, advanced drum filter controls have emerged as a game-changer. These innovative control systems, offered by Integrated Aqua Systems (IAS), offer numerous advantages that enhance the efficiency and performance of drum filters in aquaculture operations.

  1. Precise and Intelligent Operation:
    One of the key advantages of advanced drum filter controls is their ability to operate with precision and intelligence. The AquaPLC™ Intelligent Drum Filter Controller, developed by IAS, incorporates intelligent control technology that maximizes the performance of drum filters. This intelligent mode dynamically responds to changes in Total Suspended Solids (TSS) loading, allowing for optimal filtration and reduced backwash water usage by up to 50%. The system adjusts the buildup of filter cake on microscreen drum screens, leading to finer solids capture and longer intervals between backwash events. This intelligent operation ensures economical use of resources while maintaining excellent water quality.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency:
    Advanced drum filter controls offer significant improvements in operational efficiency. The plug-and-play design of the systems, provided by IAS, allows for easy installation with minimal plumbing and electrical connections. These pre-tested and modular systems are designed and built to order, ensuring compatibility with existing site plans through 3D CAD drawings. By streamlining the installation process, aquaculture operators can save time and effort, leading to faster system deployment and reduced operational downtime.
  3. Comprehensive Control and Monitoring:
    The advanced drum filter controls from IAS provide comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities. The AquaPLC™ Intelligent Drum Filter Controller features a rich display with a color touch-screen PLC, providing users with easy access to critical parameters and settings. The system offers user-selectable filter modes, allowing operators to choose between Basic, Continuous, and Intelligent Controls, depending on their specific requirements. Furthermore, the controller supports precise digital timers, multi-level setpoints, and event and alarm logging, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance of the drum filters.
  4. Integration and Customization:
    IAS offers a wide range of integration options and customization features for drum filter controls. With their expertise in system integration, IAS can integrate drum filter packages into turnkey, skid-mounted systems. This ensures seamless compatibility and simplifies the installation and startup processes. Additionally, IAS provides various controller options, allowing operators to select the most suitable control system for their specific drum filter setup. The availability of rinse pumps, level sensors, motor controls, and other monitoring options further enhances the customization possibilities, enabling operators to tailor the system to their unique aquaculture requirements.

Advanced drum filter controls have revolutionized the aquaculture industry by optimizing filtration efficiency, reducing resource consumption, and improving overall water quality. With the AquaPLC™ Intelligent Drum Filter Controller and other advanced control systems offered by IAS, aquaculture operators can achieve precise and intelligent operation, enhanced efficiency, comprehensive control and monitoring, and seamless integration. By leveraging these advantages, aquaculture facilities can optimize their filtration processes, ensuring the well-being and productivity of their aquatic system.

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