Introducing NEW AquaPLC™ Backwash Controller!

August 16, 2012
Introducing NEW AquaPLC™ Backwash Controller!

Integrated Aqua Systems is proud to announce the release of our NEW AquaPLC™ Programmable Logic Controller designed to handle automatic backwash control of up to five independent filtration systems with a single controller. Now multiple filtration systems can be controlled from a single controller and communicate with each other to provide smart backwash handling. Our revolutionary new AquaPLC™ includes many advanced automation features including

  • Touch Screen – Schedule backwashes on the user friendly Windows-Based touch screen user interface. Scheduler is based on a 24/7 calendar clock timer and/or filter pressure. Additional devices such as secondary pumps can also be controlled by the same controller.
  • Multiple System Control – Can handle up to 5 independent systems with a single controller. Uses a “Round Robin” queue to prevent simultaneous backwashing. Can control multiple small or large-scale systems.
  • Alarms & Conditional Programming – Custom programming of alarms and conditional backwash inputs available as needed on a project by project basis (float switches for water level, valve actuation, pump cutout, etc.).
  • Datalogging – Records Data up to 4 GB for easy download to a PC computer
  • Expandability – Can connect to additional PLC systems for unlimited expandability. Connections between PLC units only require a single ethernet wire connection minimizing wire installation and facilitating multi-level facility installations.