IAS Expands Engineered Product Line

IAS Expands Engineered Product Line

Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. has expanded its catalog of engineered products to include Radial Flow Settlers / Separators, Oxygen & Ozone Cones, and Gas Control Towers. Please visit the product pages below where you will be able to view / download technical data sheets.

The Radial Flow Separator / Settler (RFS) is a pre-filtration device for particle removal from fish system effluent flows. The RFS is also very effective in removing settleable solids such as sand and grit from fish farm supply flows. This simple, energy neutral, proven device is in use on fish farms in the United States, Canada and Norway.

FEATURING: RFS-45 (45° Cone)
  • Greatly reduces solids loading in a system
  • Passive piece of equipment and requires no additional energy to operat
  • Requires routine cleaning only – no additional maintenance or servicing required
  • Available in many sizes for various flow requirements
  • Designed for containerized shipping anywhere in the world

Oxygen and Ozone Contact Cones are very efficient units capable of providing high concentrations of dissolved oxygen and ozone for water in aquatic systems. The O2 and O3 cones are a virtually maintenance-free manner of saturating the water with oxygen or ozone in aquaculture systems. High pressure within the cone diffuses the gas into the water as it flows downward and out through the bottom, at efficiency rates at or very near 100% .

  • 100% Utilization of gas
  • Designed for maximum utilization of gas transfer area
  • Provided with 25psi pressure relief valve
  • Designed for containerized shipping anywhere in the world

Gas Control Towers address the water treatment processes of oxygen injection, ozone injection, CO2 stripping and low head oxygenation / aeration in one compact unit. With options available such as a demister / fan housing and sump and sump support, gas control towers are a great option for most Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

  • Designed to maintain the highest level of system water quality with the lowest operating and maintenance costs
  • Customized configurations with optional components available to meet specific site requirements
  • Easy access for cleaning & maintenance
  • Designed for containerized shipping anywhere in the world