Heaters – Inline & Submersible

June 13, 2011
Heaters – Inline & Submersible

Integrated-Aqua™ offers In-Line and submersible heaters suitable for use on all aquatic systems including fresh and saltwater. We provide a variety of heater configurations and sizes for every application.

In-Line Heaters

Our Pure Titanium In-Line Heaters are manufactured with the highest quality components and are designed for safety and efficiency. Titanium housing and heating elements provide outstanding resistance to fatigue and corrosion, low density and excellent strength. Titanium is considered to be physiologically inert and is suitable for both fresh and saltwater applications. All units come fully equipped with digital control for precise temperature control. Standard features include a highly sensitive flow switch, high limiting safety thermostat and integral contractor / relay. They are easy to install with the option of water from from either direction.

Key Features

  • Pure Titanium flow Tube & Element(s)
  • Digital Temperature Display & Control
  • External Reversible Flow Switch
  • High Limiting Safety Thermostat
  • Integral Contactor / Relay
  • Circuit Protection Delay Switching
  • Indoor or Outdoor use

Technical Specifications

  • Main Tank – PURE Titanium
  • Heating Element – PURE Titanium
  • Control Thermostat – 0°F-90°F with 1°
  • High Limit Safety – 122° Manual Rest
  • Minimum Flow Requirement – 256-gph
  • Maximum Flow Velocity – 2560-gph

Submersible Heaters

We offer submersible heaters from 1-18 KW for applications of all sizes. These heaters feature durable construction, moisture resistant heads and built in safety features to provide safe and efficient temperature regulation.

Immersion heaters come with an eight-foot (2.5m) electric cord (plug not included) in all sizes up to 3500 watts. Sizes 5000 watts and higher come with electrical wire and conduit.
Our immersion heater line includes the EasyPlugTM line of heaters designed for easy plug-in installation.

Process Technology heaters are available in stainless steel for fresh water or titanium for salt water. All of these heaters are UL listed (USA), CSA certified (CN), and CE compliant (EU) for your peace of mind.

The heaters also come with a built-in heat sensitive temperature fuse for safety. The fuse comes pre-wired in the head of the heater in series with the power wires. If the heater is operated out of water, and the heater overheats, the fuse trips and the heater will shut off automatically. If this occurs, the fuse must be replaced in order for the heater to operate again. This device minimizes the potential for the heater to be a fire hazard should it be operated improperly.

Please contact us for help with sizing and model selection.