Commercial Protein Fractionators

June 3, 2011
Commercial Protein Fractionators

All RK2 fractionators are built with heavy-duty, non-corrosive materials for saltwater and ozone compatibility. Systems include dedicated venturi pumps, ozone-resistant Kynar® injectors and wash-down sprayers with electronic interval timers. Level control valves and unions or flanges at all ports. Additional recirculation pump may be added to skid. All pump motors available with any electrical configuration. AC models have clear bodies. PE models have high density polyethylene (HDPE) bodies. All have clear, acrylic reaction chambers. Ozone systems (with air dryers and oxygen generators) are sold separately and mounted on the unit for minimal footprint and easy installation. Ships motor freight, FOB factory. Crating charge is included in price. One-year limited warranty. Made in USA.


  • Superior Clarity: Excellent protein and dissolved organics removal capacity for demanding commercial, public, residential and industrial applications.
  • Ozone Ready: All units available with integrated ozone injection system for increased clarity, disinfection and organic removal.
  • Improves Overall Water Quality: Improves biofilter performance, clears up water and adds oxygen, improving overall water quality in your system.
  • Freshwater Units Available: Perfect for use in ponds and display water features.
  • No Maintenance with Auto Wash Down: All units include automatic wash down system with new LCD interval rinse timer. Battery operated control allows simple, unlimited configurations of rinse time and interval cycling. Molded screw top lid for easy maintenance access.
  • New Venturi System: Re-engineered Venturi co-design with Mazzei Injector Corp. for dramatic Venturi injection increase.