Aqua Ultraviolet UV Sterilizers

May 9, 2011
Aqua Ultraviolet UV Sterilizers

Aqua Ultraviolet© UV Sterilizers
For the majority of UV applications including display aquaria, recirculating systems, ponds, fish holding systems, research and commercial aquaculture; the Aqua Ultraviolet product line is the most comprehensive and affordable. Most Aqua UV sterilizers are available in stock ready to ship. In most cases customers can choose either black or white units, with or without manual quartz sleeve wipers. Refer to the product selection guide and UV sizing chart below to choose the right model. Please call Integrated-Aqua for sizing assistance, pricing, and product application advice.

Standard UV Sterilizers 25w, 40w, and 57w:Used in fresh and saltwater aquariums, small ponds, and research systems from 500 gallons up to about 1,500 gallons. These units are compact and versatile and include several size options and configurations.

Classic UV Sterilizers from 80w to 240w:
The “Classic” UV line combines up to six 40 watt lamps manifolded in series to create a powerful and economical line of UV units. These UV’s are a good value for the UV output.

Commercial Ultraviolet Sterilizers

SL Series High-Output Commercial Models:
The SL Series utilizes 100w and 200w high-output low pressure lamps, which provide roughly six times the output as a traditional UV in a single lamp configuration. The SL-Series UV offers many advantages over traditional systems including a single vessel design to reduce head loss through the system. Customized multiple lamp configurations are available for higher flow rates.

Commercial “Viper” Series UV:
By utilizing 400w High-Output lamps that are less than 4″ long, the Viper exceeds dosage expectations in a compact footprint. Standard models are available with up to three lamps (400w, 1200w, and 1600watt), come standard with a flow switch, and are configured in 3″ or 6″ inlet/outlet.