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Cartridge/Carbon Combo Filters

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Trimline Canister Filters are designed as a versatile and heavy duty media canister filter unit for residential and commercial applications. The Trimline Canister housings are available in two models, TCF-50 and TCF-75. Model TCF-50 includes a 3.2 gallon (0.43 ft3) media canister only. Model TCF-75 includes a 25 ft2 pleated cartridge filter (30 microns) in addition to 3.2 gallon canister for mechanical filtration and media filtration in a single unit vessel. The TCF series housings are fabricated from high impact polypropylene to be compatible with a wide range of fluids including saltwater.

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Key Features & Benefits

Trimline Canister Filters (TCF) series are compact, economical filters designed for a range of filter media types including granular activated carbon (GAC), zeolite, perlite and other media types.  Canister filters are ideal for applications where backwashing may not be practical.


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